How to build a list

hello i have website about tanning. Can you help me with list building. Im need to offer ebook or what? 

Without much information pertaining to your website other than you have a website about tanning... here you go

List building means to collect the email address from your website visitors in order to further communicate with them, build relationships and promote offers.

For list building, you will need an autoresponder. Aweber or Getresponse is suggested. You will place an optin form connected to your autoresponder on your webpage that will ask your visitors for their email address and these email adresses will be saved in a database.

You will be able to send emails to these adresses via your autoresponder.

Do you need to offerr ebook?

If you wish to offer your website visitors a free ebook for them to provide you with their email address, you can do so, ensure that the ebook has content that will be of value to them on the topic of tanning...
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automated webinar software?

Anyone know where I can get an automated webinar software? I was looking at rich schefrens and was wondering if there were any comparable/affordable platforms to use?


Well, I've been a member of EBS since 2011 and everything (for the MOST part) has been more than advertised...

However, recently EBS has decided to muck about with the code, so far in less than 2 months, EBS has managed to:

1. Completely wipe out MOST of my saved analytic's from my webinars

2. Corrupt my Webinar Registration page with someone else's webinars which will force me to go over each webinar individually and fix the registration page - This will take time away from my business that I do NOT have right now

3. The LAST change has now Forced me to Use a Naming convention that went the way of the 286 computer (8 bit naming convention - which was designed to save memory back in the days of expensive RAM)...

So now instead of a webinar being named:

"My Great Webinar on the Latest Version of WordPress: it will now look like:

MyGreatWebinarOnTheLatestVersionOfWordPress - Which I guess is no BIG deal if you ONLY have a few webinars listed. Try finding that webinar when you're scrolling through 10's or even 100's of automated webinars on the EBS System...

The naming convention might SEEM trivial (and it probably is) BUT the fact that so much other stuff is happening to the EBS platform (with upgrades, enhancements, or code updates) which NEGATIVELY Impacts my day to day EBS efforts - THIS code play causes me GREAT concern...

I've been a Certified Network/Security Engineer in Silicon Valley for many years and we always had a saying in hi-tech way back when:

If it AIN'T BROKE, don't FIX it!!!!

Bottom Line: If you're looking for an automated Webinar Solution you might want to look at others before you plunk down $497 for EBS these days...


UPDATE: Now They've LOCKED me OUT of my Admin Panel and DELETED My Support Tickets - I guess that's the response when you're having trouble with your product and can't keep up with the support issues any longer....
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Cheaper Alternative To Camtasia?

Hey guys. I'm trying to find some cheaper alternative to camtasia so would appreciate some unbiased opinions on what's best in terms of simple screen capture/recording and basic editing tools with zoom in/out facilities.

Don't really wanna spend the money on camtasia at the moment so any info on good quality, cheaper alternatives would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Jing, its made by the same folks as camtasia. It just has a few limitations.

I just had a client call me about this last week. He had found some cheap/free alternatives and couldnt figure out how to get them to work.

Camtasia is the industry standard for a reason. It's worth every penny.

If you don't need to record more than 5 minutes or so of video, try Jing.
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How To Increase Your Fiverr Gig Orders 100%

One of the biggest problems I run into with people when talking about Fiverr is how to find people to actually buy your gig. To many people seem to think that simply posting your gig is enough to bring people in, and this just isn't true.

Yes people will find your gig a lot easier when you have a lot of good feedback, but if your gig is still new. Then it's time to go out, and hustle a bit.

So I'm going to show you exactly how I find new clients for my new gigs.

For this example I will be using a hypothetical Facebook Fan Page Creation gig.

1) Look at the request board on the side.

2) As you can see, someone is requesting to have a Facebook Fan Page built. Now right off from the start, we know this person is already committed to buying a gig. This will make converting them a lot easier, and quicker.

3) Now the next thing your going to do is click on the request, and it will bring you to a message screen.

Step 3) Now I keep a notepad on my computer of sales pitches already written out for a specific gig. So all your going to have to do is cut and paste, or go ahead and create one if you don't have one. Make sure your always tell the buyer exactly what their getting, and always include a link to your gig and sample.

4) That's it!

All you need to do is browse around the various categories, and reload the page to get the latest new requests. I do this maybe 15 mins a day, and I gain on average an extra 10-15 clients.

Remember to not go crazy with your messages, and confine them to people who might find your gig useful.
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Why You Should NEVER buy a solo ad, and what to do instead


I am totally prepared to be ripped apart by what I am about to say... (and maybe even lose a few friends in the process but that is ok. If you have a valid argument... lets hear it) but...

STOP buying solo ads from solo ad sellers!

I would bet my good pinkie toe that 99% of people who have purchased solo ads, or even most solo ad sellers will know what I am saying is the truth:

Solo ad sellers lists are beat to death. This is not an opinion... This is a fact. It is required by the job description.

Don't you want your offer going out to someone that hasn't already had 9 other similar offers from that person today?

Think about this: They make their living emailing their list. They only get paid if someone clicks the link. So if they don't get the number of clicks purchased... they have to email again, and again... and again. Often times on the same day.

And the emails have to get more and more..... we will just say ... "aggressive" as to not totally slander the solo ad biz. (some of my good friends I have made in this industry are full time solo ad sellers. I'm sorry. But you know it is true). Sometimes getting really "creative" in order to get the click. Sometimes regardless of what your original swipe called for.

To take it a bit deeper...

Solo ad sellers usually swap emails with other solo ad sellers to replenish their list, who swap with other solo ad sellers, who swap with other solo ad sellers... and so on..

So the same names just get past around add infinitum..... Then those same people you are advertising too are also on about 100 other solo's lists and get their inboxed filled with 500 emails a day. Flooded with offer after offer every single day. Because that is the nature of the business of a solo ad seller.

They get paid to send "sponsored" emails to their list. If they don't email.. they dont get paid. It is what they must do. I get it.


Great question!

Buy solos from people who don't do it for a living! Simple.

I hear so many people saying they can never find solo ad groups that have lists for their specific niche outside of IM.

Well this solves that. I guarantee you not in a million years could you run out of places to get solo's in ANY niche you want, VIRTUALLY UNTAPPED and dirt cheap!

Here is just a short list of where you can buy solo's that the list is not beat to death and dirt cheap:

  1. Product Creators: Someone who has just sold a product has a FRESH BUYERS LIST. They are likely still excited about what they just purchased and if the product did it's job, they are still opening every email they creator sends. What you then get is a highly engaged list that the sender already has their full attention and trust, and more likely believe the recommendation. Much more than say someone who recommends something new to their list every 4 hours. Doesn't hold as much weight
  2. Blog owners: There are thousands of new blogs created a day. Lots of them get pretty popular. Most have no idea how to monetize them... if at all. Lots of hobby bloggers who would spitup their cookies if you offered them $50 to mail to their 50,000 subscribers/fans. Majority of these new blogs know nothing past adsense. You will be a godsend to them. (this is similar to the old but effective method of finding people on youtube who make these viral videos with 5 million view and zero monetization. They just do it for fun and passion. WE LOVE THESE PEOPLE)
  3. Forum owners: Similar to the above. Most forums are driven out of passion and have no real monetization. Email the webmaster with a similar offer. Only takes one before you have a massive result to untapped audiences
  4. Popular Facebook pages: See above
  5. Popular Twitter Profiles: Same thing here
  6. Amazon Best Selling Authors: ok there are tens and thousands of authors in any niche imaginable in amazon. Same with the blogs, most just write for passion. Couldn't you offer a small link in the back of the book for $50. That is a permanent placement. Not a onetime email shot.


Direct mail: I can see you already gasping! How expensive right? Not even kind of. What do you usually pay on average for a SOLID email solo click? $0.35 and UP right? You can send fully printed and mail merged postcards to targeted lists for as low as $.44 a postcard.

Now think about this before you write it off as more expensive:

How likely are you to be the ONLY email in that persons email box that you send that solo to? Probably better chance Nicki Minaj becoming a nun right? The average person gets about 50+ emails per day. and I would probably say double that for anyone reading this on the forum.

So it is easy for your solo email to get lost in the sea of madness.

Did you know the average here in the US is 2-3 piece of physical mail per day? So the odds of actually getting your postcard delivered on a day where you are the ONLY piece of mail is pretty high.

And they HAVE to see it. They have to physically hold your offer in their hands.

We are talking 100% open rate! And people save them. Stick them on the fridge. Tell others about it.

How many emails do you save a day? How many do you actually go back to?

Don't over look direct mail. Try it once. Take that same amount you are about to blow... err... ummm... spend on a solo and just do ONE single mail shot. Compare the results. If it does not at least DOUBLE your control piece for your email ... I will eat my sock.

Done now: getting off soapbox. Enjoy

Originally Posted by heavysm View Post
I happen to agree with you. I actually just sidestep solo ads in general

Also, realistically I think the solo ad world should be separated from actual email marketing.

Persuasive story based email sequences that actually engage the reader is very different the the hoard of email swipe files many marketers put together.

Bottom line, though, is that the mindset for a solo ad seller (who solely sells solos) and the email marketer is just different. One pulls money from their list as fast as possible whilst the other can wait a little while as the subscribers plows through a few of their emails. These are just different goals, really.
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Setting Up a Dynamic Blog

At one time, creating a blog was, for me, an entirely intimidating task to even consider. The idea of using Word Press and setting up a website to display my blog, was also an overwhelming concept... until, that is, I learned blogging by way of a complete marketing system.

Incredibly, I am now learning how to exchange my blog with other like-minded bloggers in a cocktail of feeds similar in content. As well, this has come to be a highly viral process.

Now that I am motivated to not only participate in blogs, but to also create them, I am looking for what others have to offer in the way of developing effective blogging strategies. I will begin by exploring groups already here in the Warrior Forum, as well as, what other threads are posted

Please feel free to share your ideas here, and recommend what other forums/groups are also expanding upon in this same topic.

Two categories we might begin with, are...

1) How do we know when a blog is successful?

For example, one criteria might be the Alexa rating. That could be a discussion in and of itself... how to get Alexa ratings up.

2) How can we engage with other like-minded bloggers to pool our resources and, thereby, increase the exposure of our blogs?

For example, one strategy might be that of a blog feed cocktail and how to get a blend of multiple feeds increasing exposure for one's own blogs and that of others.

We can add to this list of ideas and explore each one by bringing strategies and blog content (from other posts) to here in the Warrior Forum.

Finally, most of all, I hope this thread will not only become a dynamic forum of ideas, but a genuine exchange built upon getting to know the real people behind the ideas shared.

And , that is all of us!

Thank you for sharing
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Neat Little Method For Keyword Research For Kindle/Amazon

When I first started selling Kindle books, I was struggling with coming up with the right keywords to use in my titles and descriptions. I knew how to use the Google Keyword Tool to find out what people were searching for on Google, but people on Amazon search differently than people on Google. People on Amazon are actually looking for products, so when someone types in "dog training" in the Amazon search bar, they are most likely looking for either books on dog training or products on dog training. Whereas, if they typed it into Google, they may be looking for an actual facility that trains dogs.

Anyway....I discovered a neat little way to find out how many people are actually searching for keywords on Amazon. All you do is find a listing where customers can tag an item, and directly underneath is a field labeled "your tags". Input your keyword and Amazon will autofill and suggest related keywords. (kind of like it does in the the main search bar....only with numbers of searches)

Here is a screenshot of what I mean:

I'm not sure if these numbers reflect monthly, yearly, or weekly usages. But they at least will give you a good idea if the particular keyword you want to use is in demand or not.

I used this method for awhile with success, and wondered why none of the Kindle courses I had taken mentioned it. Then, when I signed up for Kindling (not an affiliate link...though I wish it was because this is the best Kindle course I've ever taken), and Geoff Shaw mentioned it, I knew it was spot on!

I don't cut out the Google Keyword Tool altogether though. When I find a keyword that seems promising on Amazon, I always double check it with the Google Keyword Tool, and if it seems promising there as well, I use it.

Hope this helps!

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